Charrul Malik: Despite the opportunities, success depends on how well you showcase your abilities.

In the entertainment industry networking and references matter when it comes to getting the right opportunity. Anchor turned actor Charrul Malik agrees that in the entertainment industry, networking and references do matter because opportunities often come through knowing the right people, making it easier to get your foot in the door. “However, just having opportunities handed to you is not enough. You need to prove your capability and potential to sustain in the industry for the long run. While opportunities may come your way through connections, what ultimately matters is your skill and dedication. If you're not capable and don't fulfill your potential, you won't last in the industry. It's a mix of both networking and proving your worth. Despite the opportunities, success depends on how well you showcase your abilities. In the end, even if you get opportunities easily, the priority shifts to your actual performance. Other factors like auditions, fate, and destiny play a role, but your skills and dedication are crucial for lasting in the industry,” she says. 
Merit has its value so does luck but preference wise the actor with contacts often gets the opportunity. “Merit holds its value, no doubt, but nowadays, the importance of how actors, directors, and producers present themselves, especially on channels, has increased significantly. Channels often say that having good connections and a positive equation matters; it's a complete package. Even if you're an exceptionally talented actor, it may not matter if your equation and bonding with co-stars and the rest of the team aren't good. In today's scenario, where a lot depends on who supports or endorses you, having the right connections seems to play a crucial role. It's like a mix and match, where your merit as an actor needs to be complemented by the support and reputation you have in the industry. If your name carries weight, it can sometimes overshadow the need for seasoned skills. It's about having the right contacts and a balance of both. So, in a way, it's a combination of contacts and merit. If you lack in one aspect, the other might compensate. I believe people keep evolving, right? So, it's crucial to adapt and make the most out of the opportunities that come your way, whether through contacts or through showcasing your skills. It's a balancing act,” she adds. 
Nepotism also exists no matter how much we deny. “It's easier for someone in Bollywood or TV to enter the industry if they come from a filmy background. Just like a doctor's child becomes a doctor, an engineer's child becomes an engineer, in the film industry, children often follow in the footsteps of their actor or director parents. It's quite common to see a whole bunch of actors and directors in the industry who are related. The industry seems like a closed circle, where actors are often from families with a history in acting, and the same goes for directors. It's a cycle that continues, and it's prevalent without the need for an external godfather. It's a noticeable trend, and many actors and directors in the industry come from families with a cinematic history,” she highlights. 

Not getting the right opportunity or losing any opportunity can be frustrating. “Absolutely, not getting the right opportunity can be frustrating. It might be due to auditions or other factors, but sometimes, opportunities take longer to come by. It feels like a waiting game, and the uncertainty can be both due to destiny and luck. Both factors can contribute to the frustration, and it's challenging to understand why things aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like.In this industry, the path is unpredictable, and you have to be prepared for the unexpected. I believe it's essential to maintain a balance and not let frustration take over. Sometimes, parallel paths can help alleviate frustration. If things aren't moving in one direction, exploring other avenues simultaneously might provide a sense of progress and keep frustration at bay,” she adds. Entertainment industry is not an easy place to survive. Nothing works according to plan here. Whoever is successful today just loses all the success overnight. 

“Success in the industry is not guaranteed. I believe that unless and until I remain true to myself and stay grounded, success might lose its value. Often, when people achieve a certain position, they tend to forget their initial struggles and start valuing ego and stardom. This shift in attitude can lead to a downfall. I strongly feel that one should never change, no matter how much success one achieves. It's essential to remain mentally stable. In the industry, there's constant pressure, and when people around you are climbing the ladder of success, it's easy to get affected. However, I believe in taking a long and steady approach. Underneath the glitz and glamour, stability is crucial. While luck and hard work play their part, maintaining mental stability is equally important. Keeping a cool head during the ups and downs of the industry is a key point. Whatever happens, everyone has their unique journey, and there's no guarantee for anyone. The roots of success lie in being true to oneself and staying stable, no matter what twists and turns the journey may take,” she ends.
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