K-Pop Fans Express Frustration Over Aoora's Limited Screen Time on Bigg Boss

In a surprising turn of events, K-pop sensation Aoora has become the focal point of discontent among fans of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. The devoted K-pop community is expressing their dissatisfaction over Aoora's lack of screen time, with comments flooding social media platforms. 
Fans have taken to various channels, expressing sentiments like "We want to see more of Aoora" and lamenting the perceived lack of representation for the K-pop star. One comment reads, "As a K-pop fan, I feel cheated as I am not getting to see Aoora episodes." The impact of Aoora's presence on the show is evident, with another fan stating, "70% Indians are watching Bigg Boss only because of Aoora now."
Despite the frustration, there remains a glimmer of hope as fans rally to support Aoora's journey on the show.
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