Inspector Avinash actor Muskan Verma: Hard work is the only investment, that never fails… in coming times, hopefully, it’ll help me become an accomplished performer

Career is very important for every professional, says Muskan Verma. She reveals how she always dreamt of becoming an actor. Happy that she could make it till here, the Inspector Avinash actor wants to put in more heart and toil to do better in coming times.

“Everyone should pursue something that they are good at. I had realised my flare in acting quite early. I didn’t take any formal training. This world interests me, I love being in front of the camera,” she says.

Muskan shares she didn’t face many struggles and feels like to have landed opportunities after getting noticed for her performance in Inspector Avinash.

“I guess I fitted in the character, so I got this role. And now, thanks to it, I am getting good offers,” she continues, “My mother has been my inspiration throughout. She kept me motivated and taught me not to give up. I was always involved in arts and extra-curricular activities, so acting became a natural extension. I am a positive person and like to be around positive people.”


In the current scenario in spite of films, OTT and television opening many doors, there is an increase in competition and even unemployment. Also, the success of a project is not on anyone’s hand and that leads to a lot of insecurity. Muskan reveals her way to deal with all these and stay stable.


“I take competition very positively. It makes me strive harder. Opportunities are plenty and so are the candidates, but if one is determined to get what one wants, one does get it. Also, there is no industry where there is no competition. About success or failure, it is not in our hands, what is in our hands is to deliver our best. I do that only,” she adds.


Muskan believes that “hard work is the only investment that never fails” and it is also something she does regularly.


“Working hard never makes me tired. You win some and you lose some. I have just started my career. I have a lot to learn, I am quite new. Right guidance and having the right people in your team really matters. I am very flexible about learning. With time, I am going to grow and get more and better projects. In future, I want to be an accomplished actor. I want to do more work, be it OTT or film. I believe if you do one good project, you will get better projects after that,” she signs off.

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