Himansh Kohli on World Wildlife day: Larger sensitization drive on social media can create awareness around world's wild fauna and flora

World Wildlife Day, on March 3, celebrates as well as creates awareness around the significance and preservation of the world's wild fauna and flora. Yaariyan actor Himansh Kohli, who has always been rallying around the conservation of different plants and animals feels such days are of great relevance.

Talking on the occasion, he also highlights the importance of raising awareness especially to save endangered species. “I think the most important aspect is education which I'm pretty sure is happening at the grassroots level in schools. But, a larger sensitization drive should be conducted through social media as you can reach a wider and more active audience through it,” he says.

The actor has ideas for social media that help in the programme. “We can make filters of endangered species or all animal emojis on our phone’s keyboard could be changed to photos of endangered animals. I don't see that level of effort for serious content because it doesn't get as much engagement. So, make fun content with an underlying message which is not intrusive to its 'fun' aspect, but eventually inspires people to take notice and act,” he adds.

Sharing his love for animals the actor shares, “When it comes to animals I have always taken the foreground in taking a stand and being vocal. I can't do much around endangered species, but I have utmost love for all animals and I would happily be a part of any animal welfare drive.”

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