Hansa Singh: I am forever young and will die sexy!

Actor Hansa Singh, who turns a year older on March 2, says that for her, birthdays have always been special. The actor adds that nothing can stop her from celebrating her birthday well.

“Pandemic never deterred me to celebrate my birthday. I have always celebrated my birthday well, since childhood. As I believe this is one day that solely belongs to you as you were born on this day! My bestie never leaves me alone on my birthday. This year it’s going to be a small get-together with friends, who mean a lot to me. Those who have always made me part of their lives and are my family,” she says.

Talking about birthday rituals, the actress adds, “It’s always about prayers…and wishing my parents..It’s about their celebration as well. They remember the joy they received in becoming parents for the first time.  'Badhai ho aapke ghar Laxmi hui hai'.  It’s like Thanksgiving! I thank everyone who has wished me well. This is my ritual every year.”

Hansa says that her birthday often brings back warm memories. “There are many memories. During my childhood, my mom used to say, ‘Your birthday and income tax happen together, so nothing this year!’ But then I would invite my friends home and end up celebrating it! Brat I was! The other one was the one which I spent in Goa. Munisha, my soul sister organised it. What fun it was!” she says.

Many actors are uncomfortable sharing their age. However, the actress says that this is gradually changing. “It’s getting easier yet not there. I am forever young and will die sexy!”

Ask her what she has gifted herself this year, and she says, “I have gifted myself a new car and a trip to Dubai. I have already done loads of shopping! Aur kya chahiye!”

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