Kajal Chonkar on being part of Chikoo- Yeh Ishq Nachaye: I am excited!

Actress Kajal Chonkar, who will be part of Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s show Chikoo- Yeh Ishq Nachaye, is geared up for her debut! “To be honest, more than having any kind of pressure, I’m excited as it’s my debut.  Actually, the character that I’m playing is very interesting. Sometimes you might see her being not very confident and I’m very confident and fun, celebrating every second is my thing in real life. So sometimes I don’t relate to her but sometimes I do as well. What attracted me is that she is the opposite of what I'm, so it was a good opportunity for me to grow as an actor,” she says.

Talking about working with Nilanjana and Herumb, she says, “Working with Nilanjana ma’am and Herumb sir is amazing. I am so honoured to have got this opportunity. They are so warm-hearted and calm, it’s so much fun to work with them.”  

The show will now talk about body shaming and the actress feels that the audience will be able to relate to the show. “Everyone goes through such experiences so I think it will be easy for the audience to relate and understand. Body shaming, I think it’s wrong in every way! And it should stop. Everybody's type or size is okay. Let's normalise this,” she says.

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