"This year, we're celebrating Republic Day with Vaayu” - Vatsal Sheth

Republic Day is being celebrated across the nation with full enthuciasm. From common people to celebrities, citizens are celebrating the day with great pride. And actor Vatsal Sheth is not an exception. He gave us glimpses of his Republic Day celebration. 
Talking about his plans on republic day Vatsal Shared, “This year, we're celebrating Republic Day with Vaayu. We have a small India flag for him to wave, and we've ordered a cute white kurta. Ishita and I are really excited for the festivities!” 

When asked as a public figure, how do you think celebrities can contribute to promoting patriotism and unity on Republic Day Vatsal said, “I think we don't need to promote patriotism It's in blood of each and every Indian. So I don't think so that as actors or celebrities or influencers, we need to promoted. 
Sharing his special memories vatsal said, “Back in school, we enjoyed holidays dedicated to preparing for the March. Our days were filled with parade rehearsals, including practice for the band. Republic Day brought immense joy with a grand March, creating cherished and unforgettable memories.” 

Vatsal Sheth's Republic Day plans are all about family, fun, and a sprinkle of nostalgia. As he embraces the day with a tiny flag and cute kurtas, he reminds us that the essence of celebration lies in the joy shared with loved ones. Cheers to making memories, both old and new!
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