"Making my country proud is a priority - Rajniesh Duggall“

Rajniesh Duggall shares his Republic Day plans filled with patriotism and personal connections. Drawing inspiration from his family's military background, he emphasizes how celebrities, like himself, can contribute to unity and pride on this important national occasion. Talking about his plans on republic day Rajniesh Shared, The plan is to start by attending the Republic Day celebrations in the building, which includes flag hoisting, flowers, and a parade. Afterward, the idea is to go for a drive to Mumbai's recently opened longest bridge to commemorate Republic Day. 
When asked as a public figure, how do you think celebrities can contribute to promoting patriotism and unity on Republic Day Rajniesh said, “26th January and 15th August holds deep significance for me. My maternal lineage, deeply rooted in the army and police, instilled in me a profound connection and patriotism. Representing India, whether through mannerisms abroad or any aspect, is crucial. As an actor and frequent traveler, leaving a positive impression becomes inevitable. Making my country proud is a priority, and with the current government, India is gaining global recognition as a powerhouse. Sharing his special memories Rajniesh said, In my childhood, every 26th of January and 15th of August, we would gather around the TV to watch the Republic Day parade. Sometimes, my uncle would take us to India Gate for the live experience. 

After the festivities, our large joint family would come together for a special day. We'd play sports like cricket, have picnics, and create cherished memories during our family get-togethers. Rajniesh's Republic Day plans and thoughts reveal a mix of personal feelings, family connections, and a dedication to showing India in a good light. His memories mirror the common traditions many families cherish during such important national events, highlighting the value of togetherness, love for the country, and making special memories with loved ones.
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