Romance Takes A Flight to Diu, Umar Riyaz and Akanksha Puri Kick Off Shooting for ‘Date 2 Remember Mr. and Miss India Runway Model’

Dear Reader, fasten your heartstrings, for this time, a flight of romance has reached Diu's sun-kissed shores. Here, a whirlwind of love, dating, and competition sets the stage for India's finest beauties and braves to strut their stuff, vying for the crown of "Date 2 Remember Mr and Miss India Runway Model." Akanksha Puri, like a radiant ember in the twilight, embarks upon the filming of "D2R," alongside the smoldering Umar Riyaz. 
The cool sea breeze of Diu hums with anticipation, charged by the infectious energy of these young stars. Akanksha and Umar will guide contestants through the show's innovative dating challenges, all in the hopes of navigating their way to true love and claiming the coveted title of Mr and Miss India Runway Model. 

The winner of this electrifying show will not only walk away with a blossoming romance but also launch a dazzling career in the fashion industry. Buddies Productions and K2S Media officially began filming "D2R" on January 18th in Diu. Partnering with Praveg Limited, they've created a vibrant tent city on Diu's romantic beaches, ready to witness the unfolding of love stories. Get ready for the premiere on MTV on February 17th, just in time for Valentine's Day! "Forget butterflies in your stomach – D2R will have hearts singing! As host, I'm like Cupid with a microphone, witnessing raw, real love unfold.' says Akanksha Puri on joining the show. While Umar Riyaz says, '' 

D2R isn't your average reality show – it's an emotional rollercoaster with a twist that'll blow your mind! But it's more than just drama; it's a platform for unleashing raw talent hidden within India's diverse youth. Forget bustling cities and rural villages – we're talking untapped potential waiting to explode!" About Buddies Productions: Forget tired formulas, Buddies Productions is the fresh face of entertainment. This young powerhouse thrives on understanding the Gen Z heartbeat, crafting content that speaks directly to their passions, desires, and dreams. It's not just pixels on a screen – it's a vibrant pulse of innovation, pushing boundaries, and sparking conversations that matter.
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