“After all the serious characters that I've pulled off for so many years, I'm happy that I got a chance to do something like this” - Avika Gor on her upcoming party number Modern Jugni

Avika Gor made a home in our hearts as she claimed her position as one of the leading faces of television, later she made her career in the Telugu film industry having a successful run for over 10 years now, last year she even gave a hit in Bollywood with 1920: Horrors Of The Heart (2023), written by Mahesh Bhatt directed by Vikram Bhatt’s daughter Krishna Bhatt and her performance was well appreciated in her recent hit webseries 'Vadhuvu' She has continued to charm the audience with her incredible performances for over 15 years and now she is back with a bang on party number ‘Modern Jugni’. 
From her look to the lyrics and her moves have kept us hooked to the song and how. Speaking about her experience and what made her say ‘yes’ to the song! Avika shared, “I am super excited for Modern Jugni, This is the first time I'm doing a proper dance, Punjabi, kind of a music video. It's a chance to reveal a new aspect of myself and showcase my abilities. The way they've portrayed me and the dance they've choreographed is beyond what I expected. The characterization of the song is so interesting because I did not imagine myself to do all of it. I love Jyoti Nooran's voice, and I'm a big fan of both sisters. "Pataka Gudi" is my all-time favorite song, and knowing she sang it made me say ‘yes’ without hesitation. Also, Soul Music Studios, the label behind it, has a great track record. I've been approached for other music videos but wanted to choose something wisely and This is why I said yes to this one”.

Talking about what makes the song worth watching, Avika revealed, “According to me, the reason to watch the song would be me. People should see this side of me and I think they will definitely love this side of me, it’s quite different and fun. It also has the whole Bollywood heroine vibe, after all the serious characters that I've pulled off for so many years, I'm happy that I got a chance to do something like this!“ 

Speaking of what is best compliment the diva has received about the song, Avika shared, “Best would be where there were comments writing things like you know ‘ national crushes will keep cahnging but Bachpan Ka pyaar!’ ‘It remains the way it is and we are happy to see our Bachpan Ka pyaar and this and that. So I think that was like a great compliment I saw about the song and about me”. Sung by Jyoti Nooran, Modern Jugni released today on Soul Music Studio Official’s YouTube channel.
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