Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Bond: Gautam Chaturvedi speaks about Rinku Dhawan's game in Bigg Boss 17

Actress Rinku Dhawan is currently inside the Bigg Boss 17 house, and playing gracefully without any unnecessary drama or fake fights. When it comes to taking the stand and giving the right advice to her co-contestants Rinku is always the first one to do that. 

Decoding her game in the BB house, Rinku’s old friend and co-star of Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Gautam Chaturvedi says,”From whatever I have seen of her inside the house of Bigg Boss house, I think Rinku is doing great job. She is being herself. We know each other for 25 years now and we literally grew together in the industry. My son Arjun and her son Ishaan are childhood friends. Rinku is a friend and an extended family member too.” 

Sharing more about Rinku and her game tactics, Gautam adds,”The best part of her personality is that she is a great moderator and very flexible. In her long career, she has seen a lot of ups and downs which makes her a level headed & matured person. And that’s the reason she has never been a part of any unnecessary fights inside the Bigg Boss house. She should continue playing like this. A show like Bigg Boss needs a great amount of patience and tenacity which Rinku has lots of, she just needs to stick there.” 

Apart from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Rinku has also worked in Pehchaan produced by Gautam Charurvedi. Apart from his acting career Gautam is also the Founder & Managing Director of Pine Tree Pictures Private Limited ( an Event management & Film Making Company).
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