Arushi Nishank: Christmas is a special time for me

Actress-producer Arushi Nishank says that Christmas is always special for her. She loves the festive feel and has many great memories of the same. “Christmas is a special time for me because it's all about spreading joy and spending time with loved ones. I believe each festival has its significance but the motive remains the same to celebrate it with our loved ones,” she says. 

She adds, “One of my favourite Christmas memories is decorating the tree with my family and exchanging gifts.” Talking about other Christmas traditions, she says, “Christmas is the time when we all turn ourselves into culinary enthusiasts who enjoy baking cookies, Christmas cakes and treats for the whole family, and watching holiday movies together.” 

Of course, it’s tough to manage celebrations with work. “Balancing professional commitments and family time can be a challenge, but I try to plan and prioritise quality time with my family during the holiday season,” she says.
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