International Women’s Day : Actress Pia Bajpiee takes on educating women in rural India about their rights

Ahead of the International Women’s Day, Young actress Pia Bajpiee  whose just 28 years wants to start contributing towards society,joins the discussion around women empowerment by pointing out the differences in the needs of rural and urban women.

She says, “ Women have different needs as we go from urban to rural areas. Where the urban women proudly celebrate the fact that they are women, the simple ladies of the rural areas merely crave for due attention and respect. They have smaller and more basic demands like being treated as equal humans and the freedom to pursue their education and careers. More often than not these women have the ambition and the courage to stand up for their rights but only need a nudge in the right direction. The urban women in the other hand throw parties and loud bashes as a way of directing attention towards their needs and demands. They also want to celebrate their womanhood and identities.”


Recognizing what is best for our fellow counterparts in the lesser developed regions is only step one. The next is to try and help them. Pia has done just that by holding hands of those women who need help in asking for their rights and by educating the women folk.

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