World NGO Day: Charrul Malik on association with blind school: More than money, they need love

Actress Charrul Malik, who is associated with the Muncherjee Nowrojee Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind, says that working with them has given her so much happiness. This World NGO Day, the actress talks about how she does her bit for the visually impaired, through the activities of the school.

“The vision of this blind school is to provide skill development, financial aid and support to help them stand on their feet. It's a blind school and I have been with them since last year. I feel satisfied and content when I am able to do something for them. It feels good to stand by them, motivate and support them and I think all of us should do something. I try to go there, participate in their events. I have promised them that this year my contribution would be more. I feel more than the money, they need love,” she says.

It's such a positive feeling, says Charrul, adding, “The last time I went, they had an in-house Garba competition, where around 100 people participated. It was so much fun. I learn a lot from all of them. I want to be with people who require my help. Apne liye toh sab karte hai, lekin kisi aur ke liye bhi jee kar dikhao aur jee kar dekho. We are lucky that we have everything but we still want more. These people don't have vital organs and still, they are happy. Being with this NGO gives me a positive aura, fills my heart with joy.”

The actress urges others in the industry to also come forward and contribute to society by helping others. “There is no cause as such that I support, I just want to be with people who require me and to whom I can help.  There is no specific cause that I would like my fellow celebrities to support, just listen to your heart, and whatever you do in your life, do it with all your heart. Staying in between these people gives you a lot of motivation,” she says.

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