'Chikoo - Ye Ishq Nachaye': Sameer motivates Chikoo

The Saturday episode of Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot's "Chikoo - Ye Ishq Nachaye" started with Chikoo telling Sameer that she is tired of being body-shamed and people making fun of her. She tells him that people call her "fatty", and "fatso", and various other names and that has broken her self-confidence. She tells him that this is the reason she is unable to show her face in the dance videos that she makes. Sameer asks her to ignore what others say and stop giving them so much importance. Chikoo then remembers how it all started after Nupur's death that she started feeling a void inside and that made her eat anything and everything. She tells him that she misses her mother. Sameer tries to console her. 

The next day, Chikoo packs her bag and tells Sameer that they will move back to Delhi. Pushpa calls Sameer aside and tells him that he needs to stop Chikoo because if she goes from here once she will always feel like a loser. Sameer tells Chikoo that she should focus on the people who love her rather than giving importance to people who mean nothing. Her friends were waiting there for her and even cooked her favourite food. They tell her that come what may they will always support her. 

At the same time, Dhanush remembers how he insulted Chikoo. His mom comes there and gives him his dad's car and tells him that she is proud of him. She tells him that what he did with Chikoo has made her feel proud of him and she now feels that he is ready to take over his dad's business. 

Chikoo and her friends reach college and Dhanush's friends make fun of her. Chikoo leaves from there and bumps into Dhanush. He calls her a "rotlu" and tells her that she can't even take a stand for herself. Chikoo is in tears. Later, Sameer visits college and tells Dhanush that his father must be so proud of him for what he did with Chikoo. Dhanush tells him that he has no rights to bring his family or parents into this. 

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Sameer motivates Chikoo and tells her that fear can win only when one let's it win. Meanwhile, Keshav tells Dhanush that it was wrong the way he spoke to Chikoo's father was wrong and asks him if his father would be happy to see him like this. Dhanush tells him that he is only trying to make his mother proud and will not stop until Chikoo is made to leave college. To know what happens next, keep watching the show.    

"Chikoo - Ye Ishq Nachaye", produced under Invictus T Mediaworks and Four Lion Films Pvt Ltd, features Simran Tomar, Anushka Merchande, Lakshay Khurana, Mohit Duseja, Ali Abrar, Radhika Vidyasagar, Mayank Verma, Kajal Chonkar, Raghav Dhirr, Ankur Nayyar, Deepali Pansare, Sujata Thakkar, Binda Rawal and Punesh Tripathi. The show airs on Star Plus.

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