Harshali Zine: Being spiritual means having knowledge of oneself

Baap of Special Services actress Harshali Zine has shared her views on spirituality.

Asked what spirituality means to her, she said, "One is a spirit. Being spiritual means having knowledge of oneself." She believes in God like others.

"The only difference is that their God sits somewhere in the sky and mine resides within me. When one truly knows themselves they'll know they are the Supreme power themselves," she said.

"Law of cause and effect or Karma is restricted to three dimensional reality. As one transcends to higher dimensions this law doesn't exist. It's very simple to get what we are. We can end the cycle of cause and effect or karma by watching our actions," she added.

To have control over the effect or outcome one must take charge of their actions, she feels. "Even having wrong intentions can entangle us in this cause and effect cycle. Unconscious conditioning is the root cause of this. One must be aware of their actions every moment, be it mental or physical. Universe doesn't discriminate between mental and physical. It catches the vibe. Humans should give up the construct of individuality and start living like a conscious neuron of the planet.

"For the planet to evolve every neuron has to act consciously. But here humans are living in their ego and pride, fighting each other and killing other beings for pleasure, destroying the planet. For the planet to evolve we humans the highest evolved species has to act consciously. Rest all the species are doing their bit proficiently."

According to her, spirituality is nothing but awareness of our true selves. "Knowledge of self that you are not a particle but a wave vibrating at a frequency that appears to be matter. Matter is the continuation of spirit. When one is aware of their true self, one knows that they are the force themselves. You are the universe living in infinite universes and have infinite universes inside you. This Knowledge is encrypted in our DNA. Culmination of life's experiences and endless sufferings, living in dark, endless epiphanies and endless research and endless hours of meditation have got me here. But what I know is a drop and what I don't know is an ocean... when you think this is it, I know it all and now I'm enlightened, a new level opens up and it's an endless journey of learning and waking up.

Experiencing every dimension here and then transcending to every dimension, from unity to void and repeat. Give up the conditioning and wake up from amnesia to discover your true self."

She tries to meditate for 6 hours everyday. "Some days it's just 1 hour. I take a 10-day break from everything to meditate almost every alternate month. In the 10 days retreat, I meditate for 12 hours everyday and at the end of the retreat it's more than 120 hours of meditation," she said.

Her peace is independent of what she does for others. "I try to help the ones who seek help. My ways of helping are very unconventional and don't resonate with everyone. Healing self is a personal choice and one needs to give up toxic lifestyle and habits to heal. Holistic lifestyle is not everyone's cup of tea," she explained.

All her life she has seeked a guru to guide her, but over time she realised, everything that you experience is teaching you something, everybody you meet are acting as mirrors for you.

"Everything and everybody plays a role in our evolution. It also involves what you read, what you watch and listen to ... all the synchronicities are visible when you connect the dots. One person or one book or one experience can't be your guru. There are multiple great leaders, philosophers and scientists dead and alive who I follow but the beginning of major awakenings have happened through one person but they don't like to be called mentor or guide. I like to call them one of my higher selves who's here in the physical body to help me reach home. They give me hints but I have to find my own path," she said.

Asked who is the epitome of a spiritual person for her, she said, "Apparently Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, all spoke the same thing just in different languages. They all taught and practiced oneness. It's the Buddha's teachings that I follow the most."

The lockdown time gave her enough time to relax and analyse. ''Working on self is a full-time job and lockdown gave me enough time to work on myself. It gave me time to discover more about myself and when you know yourself, you know the whole world and beyond. The end result is obviously you become more compassionate, empathize more, love more. The lockdown gave me a new perspective," she said.

As for the philosophy of her life, she shared, "Just like how you have to apply different theorems to solve different algebraic problems, similarly there are different philosophies I apply to live different circumstances of life. Mostly it's to observe everything from the centre."

Peace and happiness for her is independent of what emotions she is going through. "For example, I could be angry but still at peace and happy, I could be sad but still be happy. Like lord Shiva danced when he was tearing the world apart in anger. That is a state of eternal bliss. When you know you are the creator, the observer and also the one who's going through the experience. Life's a play. You are the director, actor and the audience."

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