Aggar Tum Na Hote actor Simaran Kaur: Back stories and twist and turns are essential in keeping the audience intrigued, make the show enjoyable

Simaran Kaur’s performance as Niyati in Aggar Tum Na Hote is being appreciated. The current track on the show sees her do much and the actor sounds keyed up talking about it.

“Niyati is trying hard to protect Abhimanyu (Himanshu Soni) and it is going to get even more difficult as there is someone in the house who is intentionally trying to harm him. It will be really exciting to see how Niyati is going to find the villain,” she continues, “There have been some interesting twists in the story unravelling Niyati’s past and how it is affecting her present. I guess such back stories and turn of events are essential in keeping the audience intrigued, and makes the show enjoyable.”

Simaran feels what the audiences love is Niyati’s efforts to take care of her husband. “As a newly-wed girl she is fighting with destiny to heal her husband, make sure no one harms her. Her unwavering faith in love and her dedication towards healing him is making the audience love the show all the more,” she adds.

On how much she relates to the character, the actor says, “It’s really an amazing character to portray. Niyati is a girl who cares about her patients, she is a dedicated and an ideal wife who takes care of her husband and his family. I guess I can draw a lot of similarities between me and Niyati, as I also love taking care of my family and people around me.”

Ask about the experience of shooting the show, any fun incident that happened on the set, and Simaran begins by saying how it has been a pleasure working with a great cast. “I think the audience is really getting connected with each and every character quite well. We have a lot of fun on the set and our Instagram reels are a testament to that. I think that gets translated in our performances too,” she adds

The actor also praises Jatin Sethi, Mahesh Pandey and Piyush Gupta, the producers of Aggar Tum Na Hote. “It has been an extraordinary learning experience. All three of them are visionaries and bring their unique approaches, their own flavours and styles to the table. So when all these get blended perfectly, the result is obviously superior. This is the reason why Aggar Tum Na Hote is an exceptional visual delight,” she concludes.

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