Kate Sharma and Vivek dahiya starrer new music video called Main Kamina is out and is being very well received

Kate Sharma starrer Main Kamina is out now and is getting a raucous reception. The music video is a party number and it stars Vivek Dahiya along with Kate. The song has been sung by Akanksha Tripathi and Rocky D and Rocky D has done the lyrics as well. The music video has been directed by Akshay Agarwal and it has been produced by Netrix Music. Kate Sharma looks refreshing and smashingly hot in this one. She has a huge social media presence and that is bound to help the song and the music video. Let's see what she has got to say. 

We spoke to Kate and here is what she has got to say, "When this one came to me, it was a yes. It just took a moment. This song has the old-school charm of love and it has a very catchy tune to it and it is one party number that everyone is going to enjoy. There is an incredible team who worked on this project. The song is being talked about and that gives us confidence. We shot in some beautiful places and it was a great experience to shoot with the crew and my co actor, Mr. Vivek Dahiya.  A lot more to come here on. I can't wait to hear from my audience how they liked this song. Please watch the video and give it a listen and let me know."

Well, that was an exciting Kate and she is excited to bring Main Kamina to us all. It's on YouTube and we would like to know you liked it as well.

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