“I believe that Punjabi Music has a lot to offer”, producer, Mr. Suresh Bhanushali On ‘Viah Da Choorha’ 1M Milestone

2021 will be associated with probably the most intriguing songs, that caused us to interface with music significantly more. The appealing essence of the melodies with one-of-a-kind topics suggested have given the better projection of music recordings in the business and have made them significantly more well known among the crowd. Music recordings are delivered on various thoughts and settings, one famous among them is the wedding season.

Furthermore, this ‘Viah da Choorha’ produced by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music is one more song that serves the idea of the ideal kind of wedding season.

The song Viah da Choorha featuring the gorgeous Sonia Verma and sensational Love Rajput is setting its own records of sorts. Viah da Choorha, released by Photofit Music has already garnered 1 Million views on its official video on Youtube, within a span of a month. The visuals of the song have hooked viewers’ attention and been praised for their work to a great extent. 

On reaching the milestone of 1 million the producer, Mr. Suresh Bhanushali says“I believe that Punjabi Music has a lot to offer, numbers are just love of people like for our song Viah Da Choorha” Photofit Music backs the idea of producing more such songs that cater to the choices of the audience. 

The melody is inherent in the setting of a wedding season. The singer Preet Parminder served the best to the industry, getting the power-pressed song in Regional, Punjabi music. The artist has been effectively playing around the class, presenting provincial diversion at its best.

The song is on the set of achieving new achievements and this commitment to the music business is moving under the music label, Photofit Music. The music video of Viah Da Choorha is directed by Anjali Aastha. The verses are given by Saini Jagtar and the tune is voiced by Preet Parminder. The video of the song is a fine piece of inventiveness, capably taken care of by Project head Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.

The storyboard of the song spins around the wonderful essence of a relationship that wound up with a promise to support that adoration deep-rooted, states Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music. They say "Love, from the beginning, is a dream". All things considered, It is tied in with meeting an individual, and afterward, there is no retreat, which is doubtlessly the eye-getting aspect of this music video "Viah Da Choorha". The Project Head Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music observed the interaction well, summing up the advancement of the undertaking definitively at the standard of greatness.

The record label, Photofit Music Company has delivered a few significant hits, Since oldie but a goodie, the tunes "Chand", "Ankhya ka Kajal" and different tunes like "Ganpati Bappa Morya" coordinated by Amit K Shiva, Photofit Music, "Teri Patli Kamar" Produced by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit music, is a statement of music which has been restored into the soft songs playlist due to their appealing verses and smooth music, But this profound tune "Viah Da Choorha" created by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music will contact your hearts and cause you to remember the magnificence of affection with sweet vibe and cadence music.

Further Mr. Rajiv John Sauson adds, The music video includes the charming couple, with the storyline that appears the sweetly romantic tale, and the music of the goes essentially well their demeanour of affection. The lyricist has written the melody holding the dreamlike experience of a common Punjabi couple, with a promise that is made for eternity.

Photofit Music Company is headed to create the best of music in different kinds, Viah Da Choorha is one of the hits on the rundown.

"We will continue to contribute our best to the music business and give potential open doors to the craftsmen who are searching for that one real stage to break in the business," says the Producer Mr. Suresh Bhanushali.

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