Inside Out 2 Unveils ‘Belief Systems’ An All New Addition To Riley’s Mind

While we await the release of Inside Out 2, The most anticipated sequel to Pixar’s Academy Award-winning ‘Inside Out’, the makers have shared an exciting addition to the beloved franchise. The first film at the time of its release received immense appreciation for anthropomorphizing human emotions by presenting visually captivating imagery of ‘core memories’,  ‘trains of thought’, and ‘memory islands’. Recently, the makers have also shed light on ‘Belief Systems’– A new addition to Riley’s mind as she approaches teenage in the upcoming film.
Sharing about the development of ‘Belief Systems’, Screenwriter Dave Holstein shared “It felt like the first movie was about memories, and there was something quite emotional for me in finding a way to show beliefs as we get older. Our beliefs certainly solidify as we get older. Maybe we hadn't seen them before, not because they didn't exist, but because now is a time when beliefs start to become of a different level of importance to you.” Decoding the newly established emotional pathways, he also added, “The first film gave everyone a visual language to talk about their feelings,” he reflects. “I thought, ‘If I can do that for teenagers' — which was probably the hardest time in my life — 'and if I can make that time a little better, then I'd love to.”

Inside Out 2 features an expanded team of emotions, set against the backdrop of protagonist ‘Riley’s’ mind. The film is directed by Kelsey Mann and stars a stellar cast that includes Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Ayo Edibiri, and Kaitlyn Dias in pivotal roles.

Inside Out 2 opens in Indian theatres on 14 June.
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