Why is Janhvi Kapoor nervous? What’s Leap, Laugh & Learn? Details inside!

After four years, this year has 366 days – it’s a Leap Year as we know it. And Janhvi Kapoor is all set to make the most of that one extra day of the year, i.e. Leap Day 2024. The actress has something up her sleeve, something that has been apparently keeping her up all night. What’s the scoop, you ask? In a sneak peek, an adorably anxious Janhvi spills the beans about the same and hints at something big, saying, "I am very nervous." In addition to that, the video features some candid and unfiltered moments where she appears to be bubbling with nervous yet excited energy. 
Raising the anticipation a notch higher, a newly launched motion poster shows Janhvi Kapoor flashing her million-dollar smile with the intriguing title ‘Leap, Laugh & Learn’. As ardent fans of Janhvi would know, the actress does not shy away from taking a leap – be it exploring new horizons or pushing the envelope. So what’s it about Leap, Laugh & Learn that has left her on pins and needles? Furthermore, the big question still remains – what is Leap, Laugh & Learn, after all? Is it a big-budget film? A brand-new collab? Or her own passion project? Well, only time will tell. Nonetheless, one thing is certain – it’s uncharted territory for Janhvi Kapoor, and her restlessness is proof! Whatever it is, it has gotten us all hooked. Stay tuned to find out the answer to this question and learn more about Leap, Laugh & Learn on 29th February! 

Click here to watch the spectacular Jahnvi and what she's up to :- 
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