Aha’s Bhamakalapam 2 produced by Dream Farmers Teaser Out Now! Premieres on February 16th

Bhamakalapam 2 headlined by versatile actress Priyamani created lot of intrigue with recently released first look. Today aha has unveiled an enthralling and striking teaser of its Original ‘Bhamakalapam 2,' igniting anticipation with thrilling elements in a grand launch event. In this teaser, Priyamani reprises her role as Anupama, an innocent-looking housewife poised to embark on a thrilling heist adventure alongside her partner, played by Sharanya. 
It kicks off with Anupama, a culinary expert with a penchant for gossip, promising her husband that she won't meddle in others' affairs as they move to a new home. "Anupama ane Nenu, Pakkana Valla vishayallo thaladurchanu ani, Naa Pani Nenu chesukuntu Prasanthanga vuntanani" maata istunnanu. We see the brutal killing while she takes her oath. However, her promises crumble as she unwittingly becomes entangled in a colossal mess tied to a major heist. 

As the couple settles into their new house, Anupama finds herself navigating the complexities of the biggest heist, leading to a thrilling narrative. The teaser, punctuated with snappy dialogues and dynamic action sequences, hints at a heist adventure that promises the perfect blend of entertainment. The clever use of flashy cuts keeps viewers on the edge, setting the stage for a captivating story. The teaser concludes with the highly anticipated release date, adding to the excitement. Priyamani and Saranya Pradeep's timing ensures laughter amidst the suspenseful heist, while key characters like Sharanya, Raghu Mukharjee, Brahmaji, and others add depth to the narrative. 
Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as this intriguing heist adventure promises to captivate audiences from start to finish. The film stars Priyamani in the lead role, supported by Seerat Kapoor, Sharanya, Raghu Mukharjee, Brahmaji & others. The film premiers in aha on February 16th. The film is being produced by Dream Farmers, An association of Bapineedu & Sudheer Edara in collaboration with Aha Studios. The film stars Priyamani in the lead role, supportes by Seerat Kapoor, Sharanya,Raghu Mukharjee, Brahmaji & others. 

The film is directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti. Bhamakalapam 1 was a direct-to-OTT crime thriller, in which Priyamani was a YouTube sensation culinary expert called Anupama Mohan, with a nose for gossip. The film impressed movie enthusiasts and patrons on Telugu people's favourite OTT Platform aha. It garnered more than 4 million views on the streaming platform, making it the biggest success.
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