Zohra Mughal: Crafting a Fashion Empire with Offbalance Clothing and Accessories!

Zohra Mughal, the visionary behind Offbalance Clothing and Accessories, has seamlessly blended her diverse cultural influences to create a distinctive fashion line. Born in Kashmir and raised in various parts of India, her upbringing exposed her to the rich tapestry of styles from Jammu & Kashmir to cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. 
Zohra's journey into the world of fashion began with a graduation in fashion designing from NIIT, where she actively participated in intercollegiate events, honing her skills before venturing into professional designing. Passionate about social causes, she has supported charity fashion shows and women's rights, earning her a nomination as the National Vice President Cultural Cell at the VISHWA MANAVADHIKAR PARISHAD — WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL. 

Offbalance Clothing and Accessories, Zohra's brainchild, emerged from her desire to encapsulate the diverse styles she encountered throughout her life. Her dedication to philanthropy and outstanding social services led to her appointment as the National Vice President Cultural Cell. 

Her clientele boasts Indian Navy events and renowned celebrities, including Arjumman Mughal, Raima Sen, Ronit Roy, Sonali Kulkarni, and many more. Notably, Zohra's success is a testament to her talent, having never apprenticed under a big designer. She credits her sister, Arjumman, for mentoring her towards success. 
Zohra's comprehensive approach to designing extends beyond clothes to include hairstyling, makeup, footwear, jewelry, bags, and accessories, crafting a holistic and unique look for her clients. Drawing inspiration from the environment, be it nature, architecture, or wildlife, Zohra's designs express a timeless fashion sense, reflecting her idols like Versace, Valentino, and Christian Dior.

With the launch of Offbalance Clothing, Zohra Mughal is now aiming for global recognition. Her vision includes setting up an international chain of boutiques in fashion capitals such as New York, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. 

To explore Zohra Mughal's unique fashion journey and discover Offbalance Clothing's eclectic offerings, visit their official website at https://offbalanceclothing.com/. For inquiries, reach out via email at info@offbalanceclothing.com or events@offbalanceevents.com. Stay updated with Offbalance Clothing and Events on Instagram (@offbalance_clothing, @offbalanceevents, @The_zohramughal) and Twitter (@offbalanceevents).
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