"Mere Ram" - A Musical Odyssey Uniting Hearts in Devotion for Lord Rama in the melodic voices of Vijay Malik and Swati Mishra

As the dawn of January 22nd approaches, marking the auspicious inauguration of the Ram Mandir, VYRL Haryanvi proudly presents "Mere Ram," a soul-stirring musical journey that transcends boundaries and unites the devotion for Lord Rama in the melodious voices of Vijay Malik and Swati Mishra. Crafted in the rich tapestry of the Haryanvi language, this project stands as a heartfelt offering to the community, symbolizing the spiritual fervor surrounding this historic event. 
Immerse yourself in the melodic voices of Vijay Malik and Swati Mishra, as they weave a tapestry of devotion in the rhythmic cadence of Haryanvi. The lyrics, deeply rooted in cultural traditions, resonate with listeners on a spiritual level, creating an atmosphere of divine connection. Accompanying this mesmerizing audio experience is a visual spectacle like no other. The music video takes you on an exclusive journey into the heart of Ayodhya, the sacred city preparing to welcome Lord Rama. 
Captured through the lens of Ayodhyawale, the visionary creator renowned for showcasing Ayodhya's splendor, the video is a testament to the meticulous preparations and devotion that envelop the city. Talking about the historic event and the song, Vijay Malik says "In the creation of 'Mere Ram,' we found a harmonious blend of melody and devotion, crafting a musical tribute to Lord Rama. As we release this song ahead of the historic inauguration of the Ram Mandir, it is our humble offering to the cultural tapestry of Ayodhya—a celebration of history, spirituality, and the unifying power of music" 

Reflecting on the song, Swati Mishra says "With 'Mere Ram,' we embarked on a musical journey to express our deepest devotion for Lord Rama. It's a heartfelt connection to the historic event of the Ram Mandir inauguration. Collaborating with Vijay Malik has allowed us to capture the essence of this moment and present it as a cultural offering to the world"

Watch the song here-https://youtu.be/29oorYs8-oM?si=eCHjMCGVAIx0txTO 
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