Love Takes New Runway: Umar Riyaz and Akanksha Puri will host MTV’s upcoming show Date2Remember Mr and Miss Runway Model

Hold your champagne folks and prepare to strut fashionistas! Hearts are about to take center stage on the runway, courtesy of a matchmaking marvel brewed by MTV. In February, two captivating stars - the luminous Akanksha Puri and the smoldering Umar Riyaz - will join forces to host Date2 Remember Mr and Miss Runway Model, a show promising to rewrite the rulebook of Valentine's Day romance. 
Imagine a catwalk where Cupid casts his charm, where aspiring models strut not just for the crown, but for the spark of true connection. Compatibility tests sizzle, camera crews capture every flutter of emotion, and competition ignites sparks hotter than runway spotlights. It's a cocktail of a fierce ambition, smoldering glances, and enough sequin-studded drama to leave you breathless. Mark your calendars, fashionistas, because this love The story takes center stage on February 17th, 2024! So, ditch the tired dinner dates and predictable chocolates. 

This February, let Akanksha's infectious energy and Umar's magnetic charisma guide you through a season of love, lights, and high-heeled heartbreak. To be a part of D2R Akanksha shared her excitement and said, "Love speaks louder than words. And I'm thrilled to be its voice. As host of D2R, I get to celebrate the raw beauty of love. And this isn't just about finding love. It is about rewriting the rules, embracing the unexpected, and witnessing the magic of genuine connection explode on screen." 

Umar declares, "D2R has a groundbreaking twist in the world of reality shows. Reality TV isn't just entertainment; it's a roller coaster ride for human emotions. D2R promises soulmates and sparks, and I can't wait to weave their stories into tapestries that resonates with every viewer." Don't miss a single breathtaking step of this unique love story when Date2Remember Mr and Miss Runway Model premieres. Buckle up for a thrilling ride where love and fashion find their perfect match!
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