Kiran Khoje: Nothing comes without hard work

Actress Kiran Khoje who has made her OTT debut with the film 'Dry Day' says that she has never felt the need to have an alternate profession. She adds that one needs to work on oneself to ensure that one always has work.
“I do not have such an alternate profession. But there is a new term around it, ‘self-generating work’, so you should start doing it. So, if you are an actor and you are waiting for a casting director to call you instead of waiting for them to reach you, you start doing some self-generating work. You take workshops, do writing or engage in any drama, or anything like that which suits your interest. You can also do scriptwriting for TV shows. So, all of these things apart from being an alternate profession are also considered as self-generating work. I believe there should be something like that, which always makes you stay in a creative profession. The uniqueness of this profession is that you have a lot of things to do while doing acting, direction, cinematography or while doing makeup or costumes. Expand your vision,” she says.

She adds that glamour is not the only reason one should join the industry. “Many people think that in the television or entertainment industry, there's a lot of name and fame and a lot of money. They think you can become a star overnight. I want to make one thing clear, name, fame and money only come if you are doing enough hard work. It's all about your hard work. Well, nothing comes without doing hard work and once you do hard work name and money will follow you automatically. So, I believe that name money and glamour is the result of your hard work. You have to put in a lot of effort while shooting just like actors shoot day and night in extreme climate or extreme conditions. You have to work on yourself as well, you have to maintain a good diet, do exercise and maintain your mental peace to become an actor and to gain fame and glamour,” she says.
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