Irrfan (1967 - 2020): A Retrospective – G5A Cinema House honors his legacy through his iconic characters

G5A Cinema House celebrates collective film viewing and inclusive discussions, prioritizing non-mainstream perspectives. Starting with Garam Hawa in Should Art 2022, we’ve curated impactful works, honoring directors like Shyam Benegal and showcasing documentaries on the state of contemporary India. 
Cinema House was one the first spaces to showcase Shounak Sen’s Oscar-nominated Documentary - ‘All That Breathes’ and Ajitpal Singh’s critically acclaimed film - ‘Fire in the Mountains’. For this month, G5A Cinema House presents ‘Irrfan (1967 - 2020): A Retrospective’, paying tribute to the actor's iconic characters such as Maqbool, Yogi, Rana, Ashoke, and Saajan that left an imprint in our lives forever. Over three days, from January 26th to 28th, the showcase held at the G5A warehouse in Mumbai will highlight Irrfan's most memorable films, including classics like The Lunchbox, Paan Singh Tomar, and Mira Nair’s The Namesake. Additionally, audience favorites such as Piku, Qarib Qarib Singlle, and Talvar will also be included. 
Sutapa Sikdar, Writer, Actress, Producer, and Irrfan’s partner-in-life, shares her thoughts on the retrospective: “I remember when he left us, my only desire was to celebrate him every day, in every way. When G5A Cinema House and Nikkhil Advani got in touch with me to do a retrospective, I was more than happy. What better way to remember him than celebrating his work! I am very touched and happy to be part of this initiative. We tried to choose a few films from a vast sea of his work, which was the toughest task. Hopefully, everyone would like the films we chose and be part of reliving Irrfan through this weekend.” 

Nikkhil Advani, Filmmaker and Advisory Council Member, G5A, expresses: “I have always said that Irrfan changed the way I approached directing a scene, telling a story. If my film D-Day (2013) is considered to be a milestone in my career, a large part of that has to be my collaboration with him. He makes every performance so lyrical and effortless. I am thrilled that we have been able to curate his most special films for the retrospective at G5A Cinema House and also so grateful that every actor, director, producer, writer, and collaborator that I called said that they would be honored to pay homage to such a consummate artist.” 

Anuradha Parikh, Founder and Artistic Director, G5A, says: “We’re honored to be presenting this retrospective for our next Cinema House weekend. Irrfan’s work spans a wide range of genres, stories, and emotions. His body of work mirrors the multi-faceted nature of our country –something he embodied and we must celebrate. His films have provoked us, consoled us, and regaled us. His is a unique journey - through cinema and our shared histories. We’re excited to journey with him once more.” 

Join G5A Cinema House for a weekend of celebrating Irrfan's extraordinary journey. To book passes, please visit: 

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