”I am Nora Fatehi…. And that person was created in India!” FIFA World Cup 2022 and everything that happened….

It’s been just more than a year that Nora Fatehi made history in front of a billion spectators. A dream that was manifested more than 5 years ago. Here is a story of grit and determination with hard work and resilience that paved Nora Fatehi’s journey into becoming a global artist. 
Nora Fatehi’s mini documentary that released just yesterday has been in the spotlight for all and only good reasons. It gives a complete insight into the work that was put into making something like this happen. The documentary addresses many concerns that popped up, controversies relating to the Indian flag that panned out, with all the noise that followed. 
Expressing her concern and love for the country, she says, “Im not Nora Fatehi from Westview Centennial Secondary School anymore, neither am I Nora who goes to Morocco every summer with her family. I am Nora Fatehi and like that’s a new person. And that person was born in India!”. She goes on to say, “I am there (on a global stage) today because of this country and these people!”. 

Subsequent to the release, President of FIFA, Infantino Gianni also endorsed support and solidarity for Nora Fatehi’s documentary, congratulating her for all the efforts while underscoring the significance of her presence on a global sports stage. The mini documentary also sheds light on her formative years with images never-seen-before! 

The video is but a testament to her resilience, talent and the unwavering support of her fans. From manifesting dreams to making history, her journey is an inspiration. 

Watch the mini documentary here - https://youtu.be/HI-0BTCODu4?si=55ruBP32sxA3Hu_p

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