Experience the Nomadic Tale of Love! 'Zeher Mohabbat' Promises a Melodic Adventure with Sonal Chauhan and Taha Shah Badussha

Zeher Mohabbat' emerges as the latest sensation in Punjabi music with its evocative lyrics and an irresistible melody, ' The unveiled teaser has already sparked excitement within the music community. Featuring the enchanting duo of Sonal Chauhan and Taha Shah Badussha, the teaser of the song is treat to the eyes. Afsana Khan's powerful vocals infuse an enchanting energy, making 'Zeher Mohabbat' an immersive auditory delight. 

Talking about her role in the song Sonal shared, “My character in 'Zeher Mohabbat' is all about raw emotion and intense love. I plays this complex character who's deeply entangled in the highs and lows of a passionate relationship. Throughout the song, you'll see my character navigating through the complicated journey of love, dealing with its irresistible allure and struggling with its overwhelming impact. My character portrayal adds depth to the storyline, showcasing the vulnerability and strength that comes with the complexities of love”. 

Speaking about the same Taha Shah Badussha shared, “In the storyline, my character is a nomad, a Saudagar, traveling to buy and sell goods. While passing through a tribe, he encounters a tribal girl, and a spark ignites between them. However, he knows he must move on to create a life for himself”. Speaking about her experience, singer Afsana Khan shared, “Over the years, I've sung some amazing songs that connected with audiences. Each song has its own vibe. 

'Zeher Mohabbat' was special because it explores deep feelings of love, letting me explore a different tone of my voice”. Get ready to be immersed in the 'Zeher Mohabbat' experience, as the song is slated to release on 1st feb.
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