Actress Surbhi Chandna sings for beau Karan Sharma in her new wedding Teaser!

Actress Surbhi Chandna recently announced, that she is all set to get married to longtime beau Karan Sharma. The couple has been together for over 13 years now, which has become an inspiration for many who admire their commitment and compatibility. 
The teaser of their ‘Save The Date’ has us all hooked and left all of us in awe! What really melted our hearts was the fact that Surbhi has recorded a special song for beau Karan that was played in the teaser. Surbhi sang the song ‘Kahani Suno’ rendition marking their 13 years of commitment and their love story over the years. But what makes it more special is the fact that the lyrics of the song are written by Karan himself. Yes you read it right, the duo has been serving some major couple goals with their version and we are loving it. 
In the latest teaser, Surbhi and Karan captivate audiences with their palpable love, creating an enchanting atmosphere that leaves us in awe. The chemistry between them is electric, evident in every stolen glance and tender moment shared on screen. As the teaser unfolds, it becomes clear that their love story will be a central focus, promising a captivating narrative that will undoubtedly keep viewers eagerly anticipating on their wedding happening on 1st and 2nd March in Jaipur!
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