Actress Ivanka Das Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Rajesh Khanna on His Birthday

Renowned actress Ivanka Das known to be part of projects like ‘Bombay Begums’, ‘Haddi’, etc took a trip down memory lane on the occasion of legendary actor Rajesh Khanna's birthday. Khanna, often regarded as the first Bollywood superstar, left an indelible mark on the industry during his era. Ivanka sharing her personal connection, revealed that her choti masi was the biggest fan of Rajesh Khanna during his time where she used to do a lot of things for him, underlining the charismatic aura that surrounded the actor. 
The actress reminisced about her masi’s deep admiration, recounting memorable instances of visit to Khanna's residence and a good connection with his personal assistant. Reflecting on Khanna's on-screen brilliance, Ivanka expressed her admiration for his roles in iconic films such as "Roti" and "Nazrana." She praised his intense acting and highlighted the honesty he brought to his characters, noting that Khanna's ability to portray the struggle between honesty and self-existence was truly remarkable. 

Films like "Anand" and "Bawarchi" were also mentioned as testament to his legendary status. Ivanka acknowledges the challenges actors face in today's competitive industry and drew a parallel with the current superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While recognizing Khan's uniqueness, Das emphasized that Rajesh Khanna's legacy was built on a distinct path, making him an unparalleled and complete package in the history of Indian cinema. As fans around the world celebrate Rajesh Khanna's enduring legacy, Ivanka Das's heartfelt tribute adds a personal touch to the remembrance of the original "Babu Moshai" of Bollywood.
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