Abhishek Duhan’s travel stories are to die for! Here’s why

Mandali Actor Abhishek Duhan loves to travel and experience new things. His travel stories during the lockdown are indeed interesting and need to be heard! “During the lockdown period, initially, I got the chance to travel. I was in Goa, though I didn't have any money, but somehow, I managed to do that. And many people wonder how I pulled that off. But, yes, I have people who love me a lot. I did that. So, there was this boxer, MMA fighter, Bonnie. She was setting up her gym at that point in time. Tribal Warrior is the name of that gym. 
And I was just simply, I asked her that, okay, I'll help you in setting it up. And it was fun. I helped her. And eventually, I became part of that group. And I was there doing MMA for two months. And then I headed towards Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. I was there, and it was so beautiful, empty because it was locked down. So not much of a crowd was there. So, I really had fun there. I was meditating. I was lying down in Ganga. It was the most beautiful experience I ever had. In fact, I went to Neelkandh too,” he says. He adds, “Then I went to Guwahati, Kamakhya Maa, which was very spiritual. My Jiju and my sister lived there. And then I went to see the cavaliers and rhinos. For the very first time in my life, I saw rhinos in front of my eyes, wild and free. Oh, my goodness! That was the most beautiful feeling. They were so massive, so big, so beautiful. And then I got to know about animal poaching and everything. Like, people do that all over the world. And I think that's the worst thing people do.” 

He also travelled to Kashi recently. “For the promotion of my upcoming Film Mandali, I got a chance to visit Kashi and experience the vibrant culture there. I've always dreamt of visiting Kashi, a place that holds a special significance in my heart, it was the most important destination in my life, I have always wanted to go there, but never got a chance. It was a short trip, I was there from the morning till the evening. I went to Ganga Ghat and got a chance to see Kashivishwanath. Namah Parvati Pataye Har Har Mahadev. Bholenath is in my heart and I always wanted to be there and Mahadev called me. It was the most beautiful and spiritual experience. The thought of being there, wandering like a baba for at least a month, brings me immense joy. 

The serene Ganga Ghats and the spiritual atmosphere make it a destination I've longed to explore. Kashi is the next stop on my list, and I look forward to immersing myself in its beauty and tranquillity,” he says. And what is next? “Well, I'm thinking about Kerala. I really want to visit because it's lush green, especially during the rainy season. I'm excited about the Ayurvedic massages and the backwaters. I'm hoping to experience a sense of peace there. That's what I have in mind for my next adventure.”
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