“I received a large artificial Christmas tree as a gift” - Actor Fahmaan Khan on celebrating Christmas this year!

Actor Fahmaan Khan, renowned for his incredible performances, is embracing the spirit of Christmas in his own unique way this year. Known for his versatility on screen, Khan's off-screen persona reflects a spontaneity that extends to festive celebrations. 
Unlike planning his roles meticulously, Fahmaan prefers the surprise element when it comes to festivities. Opening up about celebrating Christmas, he emphasizes the joy in unexpected moments, signaling his openness to spontaneity and the beauty of surprises. Fahmaan shared, “I don't have a specific plan for Christmas. I received a large artificial Christmas tree as a gift, and I think decorating your tree and taking the best care of it, that’s the best way to celebrate Christmas. I usually don't plan things, but I'm open to whatever comes our way. I think it makes things special because unexpected moments can bring more happiness than planned ones that might not work out”. 

As he embodies diverse characters effortlessly, Fahmaan Khan's approach to celebrations mirrors his versatile and adaptable nature, making this Christmas a celebration to remember.
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