Celebrities share their Christmas memories of the past and their Christmas plans for 2023

Jackie Vanjari: Christmas is always special to each one of us growing up because of the whole vibe, Santa Claus, Christmas music, and Films I mean I would honestly wait for movies on Christmas like Polar Express. Who can forget these creations? It gives me goosebumps when such music plays. Besides yes, it’s that time of the year when we are all excited about the New Year that’s following. Professional commitments toh hum pure karte hi hai dil aur Jaan lagake. But it’s Important to spend time with family enjoying the journey of life, season time. Also don’t forget to bring a smile to the less privileged while you are enjoying your life.

Ranaksh Rana: Christmas is the beginning of a new year for me. Christmas is like a tree for me as it brings a wave of freshness, and I spend quality time with my family. I don’t encourage work during holidays or festive times because we work the whole year to be able to be with our family. For me prioritizing family and celebrations is important when it is needed.

Kanchi Singh: For me, Christmas is all about spending time with my family and friends and it is also very special for me as it's my father's birthday on the 1st of January so these days are very important for me. This time I will be with my family. We celebrate it together and I feel during this time of the year there is so much positivity, happiness and joy everywhere, the decorations, the lights, and the festive vibes. In school, we used to celebrate Christmas and get gifts and chocolates. Getting engaged in competitions like decorating Christmas trees is one of the memories that I remember. Interestingly, we had decorated lots of Christmas trees as kids in school and the best part was we used to get a chance to wear fancy clothes and go to Christmas parties. As a kid, it felt like an achievement when we used to get a chance to eat junk food in school. I follow going to the Church with my friends or family. I love going to Mount Mary Church. Generally, I also pay a visit over there not just on Christmas because I love that Church and I feel some connection with it. So this is the one rule every year for Christmas I go to the Church.

Pranitaa Pandit: For me, Christmas is the celebration of joy, love, and togetherness. The best thing about it is that I get a chance to relive my childhood memories. My daughter gets excited for the gifts, chocolates, cookies and all the decorations that come along. When I see her, I remember myself sitting in front of the tree and decorating it in the best way possible.

Sonal Panvar: I love to celebrate every festival irrespective of religion and Christmas is close to my heart. I remember how I used to celebrate it with my friends during childhood. The joy of receiving gifts from your loved ones and having your favourite cakes and cookies without being calorie-conscious is something special about this festival.

Ismail Umar Khan: Christmas has a special place in my heart, it marks the birth of Jesus, according to the English calendar and Christian beliefs. I studied at St. Joseph, Khar, Mumbai. I still remember the Christmas carols we used to sing, especially at the School Christmas parties. I remember the goodies we received from Santa Claus. Jesus is known as Isa alai Salaam, according to Muslim belief. He is one of our prophets too, we Muslims love Jesus. I have many Christians close Christian friends, and celebrating any festivals was fun during our childhood days! 
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