Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan shows her fun side; has dance-off with Ankita Lokhande

It is safe to say that lawyer Sana Raees Khan is one of the most innocent players in the Bigg Boss house. She also stands unique because of her ability to take feedback. So be it the guidance that filmmaker Karan Johar gave her about how she should not have listened to Vicky Jain during the party task with Orry, or that fact that Ankita Lokhandwale explained to her that she needs to get along with her roommates, Sana has always taken feedback in the right manner. However, we saw a rather fun and different side of her in yesterday’s episode. 

She was asked to dance by Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan; and she did so beautifully. Even before that, when Sana was accused of being confused in the house, she took this criticism with a smile on her face. We didn’t see her fight with Rinky Dhawan, who had called her confused. This is the mark of an honest and sincere person in the Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, we are loving her newfound friendship with Ankita. She also asked Ankita how she would react with her if she ended up fighting with Vicky. Ankita also clearly told her that she was not friends with her just so that she doesn’t fight with Vicky. We saw her consoling Ankita when she was upset because Mannara Chopra was nasty with her. 

Ankita has often praised Sana’s dancing skills as well, and we can see true friendship brewing! As far as Vicky goes, Sana told him clearly that she would like to trust him; and that her views don’t change because of what other people tell her. Meanwhile, we saw Sana warning Mannara about Anurag; and how he changes his stand every time. She tells her that he is only being seen because of Mannara and that he is a cry baby.
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