Agastya Nanda gears up for his grand debut on the big screen with Sriram Raghavan's Ekkis; shooting commences in January

In a much-anticipated move, Agastya Nanda is poised to take the lead in Sriram Raghavan's upcoming film, Ekkis, set to begin shooting in January 2024. Produced by the talented Dinesh Vijan, "Ekkis" unfolds the gripping biopic of the revered 1971 War Hero, Arun Khetarpal, with the legendary Dharmendra portraying a pivotal role in the film. Sriram Raghavan, renowned for crafting cinematic gems like "Ek Haseena Thi," "Johnny Gaddar," "Badlapur," and "AndhaDhun," has embarked on his most ambitious project to date. 
The spotlight now firmly lies on protagonist Agastya Nanda. A source close to the development said, “2023 was an eventful year for Agastya as not just did he make his acting debut with The Archies, but also signed on for a Sriram Raghavan film. Agastya has attended several acting workshops with Sriram and specially trained acting coaches to polish his body language and step into the shoes of India’s most celebrated war hero, Arun Khetarpal.” 

"December and the first half of January will be spent by Agastya in reading the script and also doing some workshops to rehearse for the schedule ahead. Sriram wanted a young actor to play the part of Arun Khetarpal and feels that Agastya fits the role like a hand in a glove. 

After months of prep, Sriram and Agastya are now all set to commence the journey of bringing the heroic tale to the big screen,” the source added. The transition for Agastya from a softer role in "The Archies" to embodying the stature of an Army Officer in "Ekkis" is bound to captivate audiences. The film promises to not only delve into the historical context of the 1971 War but also illuminate the poignant father-son bond within the narrative. 

This marks Sriram Raghavan's second collaboration with producer Dinesh Vijan, following their successful partnership on "Badlapur" in 2015. The duo, fueled by shared enthusiasm, is committed to immortalizing Arun Khetarpal's remarkable life on the cinematic canvas.
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