Actress Ivanka Das met with a small accident on the set of Chand Jalne Laga; the quick response gave her relief

“Chaand Jalne Laga" actress Ivanka Das recently faced an unfortunate accident on the set. She encountered an unexpected mishap as a cup of hot tea spilled over in her lap, but the quick response of the production team ensured Ivanka's well-being. 

During a break in shooting, Ivanka Das requested a cup of tea to unwind, but the hot cup of tea accidentally spilled on her lap. It caused burn rashes, leaving Ivanka in pain. Adding to the difficulty, a power outage occurred at the same time, making the situation more challenging for the actress. Despite the unexpected circumstances, the production team (Swastik Pictures) took prompt action. 

They immediately called for a doctor to assess Ivanka's injuries and provide the necessary medical attention. The set came to a standstill to prioritize the actress's well-being, and the shoot was put on hold until she felt better. After receiving timely medical care, Ivanka felt comfortable enough to resume her shooting.
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