From Crush to Co-Star! Vishal Jethwa opens up on manifesting working with Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3

Actor Vishal Jethwa's journey to stardom has taken an exhilarating turn as he gears up to share the screen with his long-time crush, Katrina Kaif, in the highly anticipated film, "Tiger 3." Jethwa, known for his remarkable performances, had often expressed his admiration for Kaif, considering her as one of his inspirations in the industry. 
From Crush to Co-Star! Vishal Jethwa opens up on manifesting working with Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3
The news of Jethwa joining the cast of the spy thriller franchise, "Tiger 3," alongside superstars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, has sent ripples of excitement through the entertainment world. This casting marks a significant milestone in Jethwa's career, elevating him to a league where dreams meet reality. Speaking about sharing screen space with Katrina Kaif, Vishal shared, “I got to know that I would be working with her, and my excitement reached another level. I still remember when I arrived at the YRF studio and saw her waiting for the lift. Suddenly, all of her songs started playing in my head. I got stuck, and I had to control myself because I needed to focus on my work. Yes, it was a very special moment in my life. I was nervous and excited at the same time”. He further added, “To be honest, I felt very bad when Katrina got married to Vicky. I was feeling very jealous. I think every guy who loves her has the same feelings as me. But now finally here we are working together and I think I have manifested it" 

Jethwa's talent and dedication have earned him a pivotal role in the film, reflecting the trust and confidence filmmakers have in his abilities. His inclusion in such a high-profile project not only speaks volumes about his acting prowess but also underlines the immense anticipation surrounding the film itself. The prospect of witnessing Jethwa's on-screen chemistry with Katrina Kaif has become a focal point for fans eagerly awaiting "Tiger 3." Jethwa's journey, from openly admiring Kaif to sharing the screen with her, exemplifies the transformative power of passion and hard work within the film industry. 

As the anticipation continues to build, "Tiger 3" promises a riveting narrative coupled with stellar performances. For Vishal Jethwa, this opportunity represents not just a career milestone but a dream realized – from harboring a crush on his idol to becoming her co-star in a blockbuster franchise.
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