Aniruddh Dave opens up on his upcoming Movie Chandu Champion: The film is about never giving up, which is what I did!

Actor Aniruddh Dave, who has bagged a role in the film Chandu Champion, says that the film’s message of never losing hope is what he believed in as well. He says that the fact that his character was evolving in the film was what led him to do it. 
“It’s a film about never giving up, and I have always believed in the characters. Even when I played in television shows, I believe that the character works. As Rajesh Khanna said, ‘We are all like puppets on a stage’. So consider that puppet as your character now. We are all characters in the story, so the puppet is now a character. And we are portraying that. So, for me, it's very important that if a character in one story is moving forward somewhere, and that puppet in that story is contributing to the narrative, it's a very good thing,” he says. 

The actor has been seen in other films too, namely 'Tere Sang,' and 'Bell Bottom'. Talking about transitioning from a TV actor to films, he says, “I believe that not giving up should be the motto for an actor because it's something where you have to see your work, learn, face the challenges every day, and keep going. Yes, priorities change when you are doing television; as you are busy for the whole month. And unless that show is running, for six months, a year, or two, you can't really do anything else. You have to play that role every day,” he says. 

Coming back to Chandu Champion, he says, “I was lucky to get the opportunity. And the job of actors is to audition, that's what I did. So, when I got a call from the casting agency from Mukesh Chhabra's office, I thought, ‘okay, I should do it.’ Sometimes, you believe that you have to do it and how well you can do it, every actor knows. So, I felt I could do it, and I did it, and somehow Kabir Khan Sir loved that. When I got to know from the agency that he loved it and said, 'Okay, you are on board. You are doing this role,' I was very happy because just to get associated with such a huge director and production house like Kabir Khan Films and Sajid Nadiadwala is a big thing for me, for any actor, I would say. So, I'm happy, and for me, it's a step towards Bollywood, making a name in the entertainment industry,” he says. 

However, the road till here has not been easy. “During Covid, I had already taken a two-year break. After that two-year break, my health was fine. But then, I took an extended break, thinking that if I have taken a break, I should work on other skills, like hosting shows, the non-fiction part. Or I should try for films and web. So, with God’s grace, I am now doing a film with a really good reputed director, star cast, and production, and I am also working on a web show, which I feel is the need of the hour. I did cinema because it was in my heart. I did TV and Now, it's time for the web. The digital world that exists today is very important. And I have to make a place for myself. I am feeling so happy and blessed that in 2024, my 2 to 3 projects are going to be released and I have pivotal roles in all the projects.
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