Abhishek Duhan: I am an actor, and I’ll die as an actor!

Mandali actor Abhishek Duhan says that while it’s tough to get success, maintaining the success is also a very crucial point. He adds that it’s important to stay true to your craft. 
“Every day, people come to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes, especially the youth attracted to Bollywood. My advice is simple: give it your all, work hard, learn daily, avoid distractions, and stay away from shortcuts. Consistency and self-belief, coupled with hard work, create a powerful combination. As for assuming the struggle is less for successful stars, I never thought it would be easy; I was prepared for the challenge. Sustaining success is crucial—stay honest with your craft, focus on improvement, ignore praise or criticism, and stay connected with loved ones. Enjoy life, stay loose, but never lose focus on your goals. Traveling and experiencing the world—those aspects enrich your life with diverse perspectives and unique encounters, making the journey in the entertainment industry truly extraordinary,” he says. 

The entertainment industry has its highs and lows, he says, adding, “In fact, not only in the industry but in life as well, there are highs and lows. Having clarity about what we want eliminates regrets and doubts. I am 1000% sure I chose the right profession; never doubted myself, not even for a single second.” 

Ask him if he has ever thought of an alternate career, and he says, “No, I’m not considering an alternative profession. I am an actor, and I’ll die as an actor. There is no ‘why’; that’s who I am. It’s not just about name, fame, money, or glamour. I want everything. Being on set, playing diverse characters, experiencing emotions – that’s my source of happiness and peace, and that’s my purpose on this earth.”
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