Ankita Jadhav's Rising Stardom Continues with Second Song 'Rehnuma'

Ankita Jadhav, the talented actress who gained fame with her debut song 'Chal Chalen Aashman Pe,' is making waves in the entertainment industry. The song, sung by June Banerjee and Rangon, crossed the 100k mark and received widespread acclaim. Now, Ankita's second song, 'Rehnuma,' has been released, garnering an overwhelming response.
In her debut song, Ankita captivated audiences alongside Navee Rautela, leaving a lasting impression. Directed by Sujit Mondal and produced by Akash Jadhav and KK Reddy, the song became a massive success.
With second song 'Rehnuma,' Ankita further solidifies her position as a rising star. Paired with Ayush Khatri, the music video showcases her acting prowess, while the melodious voices of Sushant Jehaan and Heena Zohra add depth to the track. Directed by Sumedh Jagtap and produced by Prince Solanki, the video highlights Ankita's versatility.

Ankita Jadhav's talent extends beyond music, with notable performances in Marathi and Telugu films. Her debut Marathi film, "Amcha Nadi Lagu Naka," received critical acclaim, and her upcoming Telugu movie, "Indrani," has generated significant anticipation. 

Additionally, Ankita Jadhav has more exciting projects in the pipeline, including two upcoming songs featuring renowned stars. This news has generated immense anticipation among fans, who eagerly await the release of these collaborations.
As Ankita continues to rise, her second song, 'Rehnuma,' further enhances her stature. With her exceptional talent and dedication, she is poised to make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.
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