This World Wildlife Day, these celebrities are urging everyone to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that their conservation provides to people

This World Wildlife Day, these celebrities are urging everyone to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that their conservation provides to people.

Eijaz Khan

I went to Jim Corbett park wildlife sanctuary, it was an amazing experience. Being near nature rejuvenated me as a person. I feel such places have so much to offer and are such great spots to just de-stress and relax. Good energy and vibes makes all the difference, forests have a life of their own. I feel in India we have a lot to explore. It’s important to raise awareness about animal conservation and there are some organisations who are doing some great work in this area. One needs to collaborate with these and do your bit.

Aalisha Panwar

I went to Rak Wildlife Park near Dubai in Ras Al Khaimah, it was an amazing experience to see animals in natural flora and fauna. We have lots of sanctuaries in india as well like Jim Corbett National park, Ranthambore national park, Gir National park and Sunderbans national parks, they all are on my wishlist for 2022. I feel that these places are amazing when it comes to taking holidays and offer you something so much more to do. Many of these places have some kind of adventure sports as well. Also, it’s important to talk about animal conservation at this point and try and do whatever you can to help them as we all share this planet earth.

Charrul Malik

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”  Albert Einstein. Wildlife is Mother Nature’s greatest treasure. To protect it, we must take every measure. We should protect the wildlife because directly or indirectly our life depends on them. Flora and fauna are very important for human existence. Flora and fauna hugely benefit mankind through its medicinal and food offerings. Animals maintain the equilibrium by predating on different plants and animals to balance their population on earth. The flora and fauna contribute to the economy of the area through tourism. They attract many tourists. Caribbean, Panama, Indonesia, Amazon forests are some areas that make a lot of money every year due to the incredible flora and fauna found there.

Ayush Anand

Well I have, I am and will always be an animal lover. I believe that earth is not only meant for human beings, animals and plants have an equal right on earth. Their bodies are different but they do have a soul inside as we do. It’s just that they can’t speak however they can express and if you have a kind heart then you can understand their expression.

I used to be a non vegetarian earlier, however I realised that only saying that one love is animals is not enough, one needs to walk the talk and that was the time I decided that I won’t touch non veg anymore. And it’s been a while that I am a vegetarian and honestly I don’t miss any kind of meat products. I genuinely feel guilt free and more confident today.

One can take many steps towards it..

1. Find and donate to organisations that are working to help endangered species.

2. Take a stand against animals being held captive.

3. Stop using products that come from endangered species.

4. Watch the road and drive carefully.

5. Feeding stray dogs and cats whenever possible

All the above mentioned things do not take much of an effort and I do the above that’s why I mentioned them as I believe in doing before lecturing.

It’s my dream to open a wildlife sanctuary one day where all animals and birds (dogs, cats, all the endangered species) live their peacefully and freely

Prateik Chaudhary

Wildlife conservation, in my opinion, is an integral part of our society's survival. The effects of climate change have already been seen around the world, and we must stand together to protect nature. We are a part of nature, and if we don't do everything we can to protect other species, we risk extinction. It’s an opportunity for everyone to step back, take a deep breath and think about all that surrounds us. It is inspiring to consider preservation and conservation efforts that work to improve the natural world. There remains so much to learn. I have decided to visit more and more wildlife sanctuaries this year, especially the ones like Jim Corbett or Ranthambore.

Ranaksh Rana

I think communication and open dialogue is the key to creating awareness. It’s a cycle- we need to keep ourselves aware of our larger environment and we need to keep communicating about it, which will create more awareness. And once that’s done, it’s about accountability. Living up to our social responsibility. Good deeds start at home and we need to do our part closer to home. To look at the natural ecosystem in the places where we belong and then spread it wide.

 I come from a place that’s surrounded by jungles and wildlife flourishes there. We as a community make all the efforts for humans and wild animals to leave peacefully together.

Another thing you can do is your social media influence and online presence, if you see any wrong happening in any of the parts of the world like poaching, or I’ll treatment in zoos or as simple as stray treatment, raise your voice and act on it.

Saanand Verma

World wildlife day is an extremely amazing and important initiative because saving wildlife means saving the planet, saving the human race. It is extremely important that we take world wildlife day very seriously and celebrate it and educate people on how to protect the endangered species. I feel we should be more aggressive in marketing campaigns and promotions, and create a lot of awareness by putting some great advertisements across the media, not only on social media but also in print, newspapers should be take initiative, and everyone should be extremely careful that we take care of so many beautiful and varied forms of wildlife and flora and fauna, and keep on raising awareness. Without wildlife we are also unable to survive, it is the question of survival, because one endangered species starts a chain and we need to break the chain because one by one we will see more 20 types of endangered species and human race disappear if we don’t take care of these things.

Pragati Mehra

Conserving our Wildlife should be the responsibility of every individual as forests are being cut on a huge scale because of which the animals have nowhere to go and some are on the verge of extinction.  We have already witnessed a lot happening due to climate change so it's high time that we protect our mother earth in every possible way. Even though sanctuaries, national parks, and other organizations are doing what they can to preserve and protect these endangered species, it's up to governments, businesses, and people like us to provide support and do what we can. There are many ways in which we can do our bit to conserve wildlife such as volunteering in fundraisers for rehabilitation, volunteering for camps under the National Wildlife Foundation and keeping our surroundings clean.

Rahul Bhatia

Awareness will be increased by acceptance. Firstly we have to accept that wildlife, flora and fauna are part of our universe, our country, our world. They have an equal right to live in this country, in our universe just like we human beings have. So accordingly, if we accept them, accept them with all your heart. They are our part, we take care and think about them. And talking about the endangered species, whom we leave in national parks, they do not take care of them, their hygiene. So if we take care about things like these, we can save them. So basically I want to do my bit by donating money for the wild fauna and flora in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

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