World NGO Day: Celebrities opens up the humanitarian work they have been associated with

World NGO Day came into existence in the year 2014. The day, celebrated on February 27, recognises the self-less work that all non-government and non-profit organisations have been doing to help those in need across the globe. Talking about the occasion, celebrities talk about the causes they feel for, if they have been associated with an NGO and more in this feature:

Hansa Singh- Yes I support UNICEF. At times, I serve through my healings to the ones who need it but are unable to get it. I feel children all over the ones, especially the underprivileged one are suffering for no fault of their own. It’s time we extend our love and support. 


Hasan Zaidi- We have been doing a lot of charity work as the Zaidi family for the longest time, have been supporting kids and women, the less fortunate ones, people who are sick in our village and the other parts of the world. I would not like to name the NGOs we are associated with because we don't like to talk about what we are doing. We believe in selfless service. My parents, my wife and I, my relatives, we all are engaged in such work.


Muskan Verma- Well, right now I am not associated with any NGO because I am focusing on my career and putting all my efforts into my work and skills. But if I get a chance, I would back an NGO that works for children education. Every child has a right to good education, but there are many who aren’t that lucky. They are mostly below the poverty line and struggle to make their ends meet. My humble request to all of my friends would be that everyone should do their bit to contribute to society, especially for something like education as that makes the future of our upcoming generation better.


Ayush Anand- Give India Foundation and Animals *(please confirm---did not hear about this NGO, nor could I find it on google)* matter to me. However, I don’t want or force any of my colleagues or friends to support any particular foundation or cause. I just want the entire human race to have some empathy and sympathy towards animals and birds. Feeding street cats or dogs or keeping water and millets for the birds are simple things we can do. I have a soft corner for animals and hopefully, I will have my own animal shelter one day, in fact, a wildlife sanctuary is what I want to start, God willing.


Rahul Bhatia- I am not associated with any NGO but I would like to work for one. Underprivileged kids don't get the opportunity to do well in life. Education and food are the basic necessities for them.  So, I would like to support them, and I think we all should.


Saanand Verma- Providing food to the people who live below the poverty line that is the main cause I always support. I am not associated with any NGO but I really appreciate the idea of running an NGO. I think that people working in an NGO should be really honest and transparent in their dealings. They should take actions very seriously because it's a sensitive thing to do. There are many politically-driven people who will always nitpick and try to bring dirty things into something which is really great for humanity. Try to stay away from any kind of political agenda and motivation. Just serve humanity. Unfortunately the kind of lifestyle I have, it’s very difficult for me to support any NGO financially, but I pray to God that soon I am in a position to reach out to those in need directly or through an NGO.


Pranav Misshra- My entire family is associated with an NGO in Jaipur which is for blind children. Every opportunity we get like if there are celebrations or events then we go and spend some time with the kids and help them as much as we can. Whenever I go there, I talk to these students. It's a day boarding school and I am glad that there are so many people who are now helping those in need. All my family members spend time with these kids. When I go there and talk to them, they don't really feel that they can't see, or they have some disability. They have this zest for life and seeing it there is so much joy and motivation, I get inspired.  We tend to take our lives for granted and it really motivated me when I met these young kids for the first time. I feel everyone should do a bit for somebody, it can just be a one-time meal as well.


Pranitaa Pandit- I, along with Rachna Puri, entrepreneur and managing director of Vectormob, and IRS Sahil Seth, Honorary Advisor to the steering committee for BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Honorary President to the Delphic Council of Maharashtra, started Prasara. It’s a non-profit organization that has been working toward the welfare of abandoned children and senior citizens for the last four months. Prasara provides financial, food, education, clothing and medical help. There is much space for leisure activities, gardening, games, grooming, and other resources required for children and senior citizens to make them feel at home. We also engage them in community development and self-sufficiency. The NGO works on donations and is trying its best to reach out to as many people as possible. We need your contributions to keep coming in. There was a time when I felt that one should not publicise the charity but now I have evolved a bit, and know that the generations, and outlook have changed. The reason why I feel it is the right time to speak about Prasara, something that is really close to our hearts. My point is what is wrong in that. When you are showing off things that are of no use then why not show off some good deeds, the latter will provide more motivation to people to do good work. There is judgement involved if we do such things. When you can smoke, drink, show your personal and social lives in a public space then why be judged for doing something good and telling other people to do something good as well?

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