Perneet Chauhan: Too many options always lead to confusion and indecisiveness

Saam Daam Dand Bhed actress Perneet Chauhan has shared her thoughts on multiple mediums for entertainment.

The entertainment industry is going through a revolutionary phase with the onset of OTT platforms and YouTube channels. Talking about the digitalisation of the industry, she said, "Change is the only constant."

"So whatever is happening we have to go with it. Times are changing and we need to evolve with time. As long as this change brings more opportunities, it’s good," she added.

Multiple mediums are co-existing. Audiences have too many options and viewership is scattered. "It’s a race. Too many options always lead to confusion and indecisiveness. But seen from another point of view, it also brings variety," she said.

The pace of working is very fast in all the industries, including entertainment and that is somewhere causing the unsaid mental fatigue.

She feels that life, in general, has become very fast-paced and we need to slow down. "I do agree there is a lot of mental stress and fatigue. If we can’t slow down then at least let’s take care of mental health," she said.

She has faced mental fatigue. "I think most of us have. That’s why mental health is being given so much importance nowadays. Through my spiritual practice, I keep my spirits high. I also have a never-give-up attitude," she shared.

Amid COVID, there is no me time or personal time left. Everyone's professional life is more time-consuming than before. "Yes, I am seeing people around me really harrowed. Sadly the work culture in our country does not respect a person’s personal space and time. Working from home or going to work has become extremely hectic. We need to set clear boundaries between work time and me time," she said.

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