'Kai Po Che!' clocks nine years; Abhishek Kapoor calls it a "defining milestone"

After watching 'Kai Po Che!', critics across the nation hailed the film as new Bollywood, owing to Abhishek Kapoor's game-changing narrative. Even after nine years of its release, the drama still resonates with the audience because of its high emotions, tight screenplay, and brilliant direction.  

'Kai Po Che!', an adaptation of the book '3 Mistakes Of My Life', marked the third venture of Abhishek Kapoor after the critical success of 'Rock On!!' and 'Aryan: Unbreakable'. Many said the changemaker "raised the bar by giving us a thoroughly enjoyable film". Apart from earning wide acclaim from critics, the movie became a massive commercial hit in 2013. 

While taking a stroll down the nostalgic lane, Abhishek Kapoor said, "Kai Po Che has been such a defining milestone in my filmography. After Rock On!! people were eagerly looking forward to what I come up with next. And in that sense, taking up a project based on a sensitive issue headlined by fresh, new faces, was quite a challenge. One that groomed & satiated the storyteller in me. It’s extremely validating to see the place the movie has earned in audience’s hearts over the years. This acceptance most definitely fuelled my conviction to always steer off the beaten path and keep challenging my boundaries with every project."

Rightly hailed as the revolutionary filmmaker, Abhishek Kapoor pushed the boundaries of Indian cinema with his last film, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. While tackling the issue of the transgender community, the master storyteller gave a light-hearted yet sensitive drama.

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