Charrul Malik on getting Global Youth Icon Award 2022 and Doctorate Degree for her contribution in the field of Art: It's lovely, a complete different feeling all together

Charrul Malik has been honoured with the Global Youth Icon Award 2022 for being the best anchor and actor. Happy with the recognition, she gives credit to her shows Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan for getting her so much love. Charrul has also got a doctorate degree (honorary) for her contribution to the field of art.

“People started watching me on Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and have been appreciating and supporting my efforts. They have started taking me as an all-rounder and I am grateful for their kindness, but if you ask me I think I have many more things to learn. I feel everyone should keep receiving awards as you get motivated by such recognition and instills so much confidence within you. When an actor receives awards they feel great, it also means their well-wishers think good about them. It's a different feeling altogether,” she says

For Charrul, awards are like rewards. She adds, “When we were kids and used to do something good and come back home, mom cooked our favourite food or used to take us out or give us some nice dress and that made us feel so good. When I was a kid, I won many trophies. When I was in class 4, I started winning various awards. Be it poetry recitation, debates, solo singing, group singing, dance competitions, writing competitions, among other things. I think in a month, I used to get 4-5 trophies. Awards are like a kick for me just like Salman Khan says that you need a kick in your life. Awards give you recognition, make you responsible, graceful and hardworking, as you understand that the world is watching you. It's a lovely feeling.”

Happy and by the grace of God that she has been receiving such good awards. “Awards make you feel happy from within. Those who are not getting awards should not be disappointed as even a few years back I was also not getting anything, nor that I was expecting much. But after I joined the entertainment industry, I started getting awards and recognition. Everyone has its own time, everything happens when it’s time,” she says.

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