#CARFIE: Celebrities on buying their first car, and the prized photo with their dream machines

Buying your very own car is one of the best feelings in the world. From being overjoyed and excited to not being able to wait to drive it around or ride it, there are many emotions that burst within when our first car comes home. Celebrities share their first car emotions with us, special memories and if at all they have given a name to their dream machine. Find out more:

Perneet Chauhan

It was a feeling of accomplishment when I finally bought my own car. I always wanted to buy it with my own hard-earned money. In early 2018, I made my dream come true.  It's a simple car but represents my hard work. The day I got it my parents bought me flowers and we clicked many pictures.

Hansa Singh

Oh my God! I can’t really explain the mixed emotions I went through when it happened. And it was like ‘chat mangani patt byaah’, as within 15 days I got my new car. The feeling was surreal giving the waiting period due to Covid waves. I had butterflies in my stomach and tears of happiness in my eyes.  My car’s name is ‘Dhanno’ as it’s my extended home. I have always had a car, but then there were these five years I was without it. As I just can't get a new one, so my life was spent on autos and Ubers. The thing I will miss about those travel times are the interesting conversations with Uber and auto drivers.  Life is beautiful. Now my Dhanno and long drives are a part of my life, ‘Zindagi ka safar hai suhana , yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana’.

Charrul Malik

I got a new car for myself and I named it ‘Alluring silver’, and it’s an automatic car. I really like cars, it’s an Audi and the first thing I did was to correct my pronunciation for the word brand. The rooftop is very beautiful when it opens as you get a view of the sky, sun, moon and the stars. It's fun travelling in the car, the speed is very good as it’s automatic, so it’s fun to drive.

Aalisha Panwar

I agree it is a very good feeling to buy your own car with your own hard earned money. When I got my first car I was doing the show Ishq Mein Marjaawan and I had so many different feelings as it was my very first car which I was buying for myself with my money etc. It was a silver Ciaz, and I loved the colour. I had been hunting for the right care two-three weeks prior to that as I was not able to find the perfect car for myself. When I found the Ciaz, I saw it was spacious and comfortable and I fell in love with it, and bought it immediately. We cut a cake, did a little puja after buying the car. I didn’t have my driving license so my driver or my dad used to drive the car, and I would sit beside them and keep wondering what it would look like if I would drive the car. So immediately after that I learnt driving and got my license. I like to drive my own car and enjoy that. I feel it’s the best gift till now I’ve given to myself, there’s no particular name that I’ve given to my car but I love taking care of it.

Rahul Bhatia

Our first car was a Maruti Suzuki Alto. It was red in colour and we got very emotional while buying it. That time, I did not have that much money so I took it in installments and I still remember it somewhere around Rs 2200 that I used to pay every month till a certain time. Alto was the cheapest car and that was the reason I bought it. That car actually taught me a lot of things. From two wheelers to four wheelers, it was a huge upgrade for me. My father used to ride a scooter and there were four people including my sister and mom. . The first time we sat on our seats in the car, we all had tears in our eyes. It was a different emotion that can't be explained.

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