Aditya Nair sounds humble, happy talking about his prediction regarding Tejaswi Prakash winning Big Boss coming true: It feels great when such things come true

More than a month ago tarot card reader Aditya Nair predicted that actor Tejaswi Prakash will take the Big Boss 15 trophy home. And, we all know that it has come true.


“Well, it feels great when such things come true. In fact, I felt the same for the first time. I had also correctly predicted Indian Idol 12 winner last year. As I always say, cards are never wrong, how the reader reads it is important.  Will do more such correct predictions in the coming future hopefully,” he says.


Aditya adds that the journey of a lightworker is always magical. “For us where logic ends, the magic begins. It feels good that more and more people are getting aware of what tarot reading is and are less hesitant to get guidance than it was 4-5 years ago when I started my journey. With every client, situations and questions are different which helps me in connecting more with my tarot cards, giving me a better understanding with every reading. Now, I've been practicing reiki healing for the past 3 months which is going great. In this beautiful journey, I have also experienced the power of divine light (archangels, my guardian angels, and my spirit guides). As a lightworker, it is important for us to carry forward and share this age-old legacy of tarot reading, so I also have started my Seers' Tarot reading course. I have also been working with healing crystals since last year. A lot of my clients are benefitting from it not only emotionally but physically and financially. It's always good to see how a beautiful crystal can help someone change lives drastically. You just need faith,” he adds.


On the kind of role energy plays in tarot card reading, Aditya begins by saying that it’s everything.  “It's all about energy. You and I, even a pen on your desk have energy. When we think of tarot reading, we think of someone insane sitting with a table and gazing at a crystal ball who tells your future, that's not what tarots are. Well, the strongest source of information comes from the intuitive power of a tarot reader and yes, my spirit guides and guardian angel helps me in getting any additional guidance or predictions. Also, the same source of energy helps me to guide my clients to manifest their goals with the manifestation techniques that I provide. So, we should not underestimate the power of energy and how it can make or break your surroundings,” he explains.


Aditya has also launched his website,, recently on Feb 1, 2022. “One can book tarot sessions, healing sessions and can also enroll for my tarot reading classes. One can also check out the range of healing crystals that we introduce and buy them just by clicking on the desired crystal. The idea is to heal as many people as possible, more so in stressful times like these,” he ends.

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