The 25th birthday bash of Raghul by Mohammed Nagaman lateef & Aditya Khurana was success with a huge celebrity turnout

The birth celebrations of Raghul who is the son of Mr. Saravanan Ponnusamy, the founder and owner of Zak cryptocurrency who is one of the biggest platform for crypto trading took place yesterday. It was attended by a lot of celebrities. Amongst them were Nikita Rawal ,Nyra Banerjee, Gehana Vashisht ,Vindhya Tiwari , prachi kadam, Anuradha kanabar  and many more. It was  organized by Aditya Khurana and Mohammed Nagaman Lateef founders of International Iconic Awards at Club Illusions on the 5th Jan evening.

Here is what Mohammed Nagaman says, "It was a gallant celebration. Raghul is a close friend and Saravanan sir is reverend for all us entrepreneurs. A huge thank you to everyone who turned up for the celebrations. It was a good get together as well as we could meet everyone under one roof. Looking forward to many more such times and a very happy birthday to Raghul."

And Aditya Khurana adds, "It's incredible to see the turnout for Raghul" birth. It was a last moment plan and glad to see everyone joining for the celebrations.  It's been extremely heartwarming. Wishing Raghul a very happy birthday. The future is very bright for him and a lot is expected of him."

That's some celebrations to mark a silver jubilee of years. Raghul is a lucky man to have such friends and a beautiful family. We wish him a very happy birthday.

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