Netflix announces new prices in India

Netflix members in India will get access to all of Netflix, from all around the world, uninterrupted and without ads, at new, lower prices. 

● Mobile - 149/month 
● Basic - 199/month
● Standard - 499/month
● Premium - 649/month 

“As Indians, we love great entertainment. Whatever your mood, tastes or plan, Netflix is now even more accessible. Whether you choose Aranyak on Friday, Money Heist on Saturday, Dhamaka and Sooryavanshi on Sunday, you can watch all of Netflix on your mobile for INR 149, and on any device starting at INR 199,” said Monika Shergill, VP-Content, Netflix India. 

Additional details for reference: 
- The price change will happen on December 14, 2021 and will come into effect from the next billing cycle for members. 

- The new members can simply sign up for Netflix and choose the plan they love at 

- If you’re already a Netflix member on our Mobile, Basic or Standard plan, we will upgrade you to the plan that is one tier higher than your current plan, at the same monthly price that you pay for Netflix today. Next time you’re on Netflix, you’ll receive a notification on your device, where you can choose ‘Confirm Upgrade’ to use the plan or choose any other plan you wish. 

- We have reduced our prices from 18-60% across different plans- so that even more audiences in India can enjoy all the great stories on Netflix. 
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